Along the bike lane!

Discovering Goierri by bike is actually quite nice. You will feel safe, because drivers are aware of cyclists and pedestrians here!

There are two lanes connecting the towns in the region. Those lanes have signs with recommendations and underground passageways in blackspots.


This bike lane goes from Legorreta to Ormaiztegi crossing three more towns: Itsasondo, Ordizia and Beasain.
It is 13.43km long -it will take you less than an hour- and you will go through lots of historical sites: the medieval town of Ordizia, the monumental complex of Igartza or the Zumalacárregui Museum (also the tourist office).

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This route is 20.8km long and connects Legorreta and Zegama, crossing many beautiful towns like Itsasondo, Ordizia, Beasain, Olaberria, Idiazabal, and Segura. It will take you an hour to complete, but we suggest stopping when you get to Segura to enjoy a well conserved medieval town! If you have enough time, leave the bikes in Idiazabal and visit the Idiazabal Cheese Tasting and Interpretation Centre.

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