For many years, Segura was a mandatory transit point for those coming from Castilla and France, and there are still some stately homes and palaces, like Ardixarra Palace (now the office of the Interpretation Centre of Medieval History), Lardizabal Palace (now City Hall), or the parish church of La Asunción.

The village has kept its medieval quarter in very good condition. Known for their Holy Week processions, you will see 10 pasos -scenes of Christ’s Passion- between Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. The most renowned procession is Jesucristo Crucificado, whose image was carved by the sculptor Juan Martínez Montañés, from Seville.

Other important festivities are Saint Nicholas day, the medieval festival or the Basque Country and Navarre typical dance competition –baile al suelto-.

Tourist Office Segura


Closed from 20th of December to 15th of January
Opening time in Easter week and 1st of July – 31th of August
• Monday-Sunday: 11:30-13:30 and 16:30-19:30
From 1st of September to 30th of June:
• Friday: 17:30-19:30
• Saturday: 11:00-14:30 and 16:30-19:30
• Sunday: 11:00-14:30

• Groups and rest of days/hours, only by appointment.
• Normal: 2 €
• Guided tour to museum, medieval town, church and karkaba: 6,5 €
• Guided tour for groups (6 people):
• Saturday: 17:00 (language depending on the request)
• Sunday and public holidays: 11:30 (language depending on the request)
• Entrance to the church: 2€ (groups of 4 people)
• “Knowing Segura” famili game to play in the town on your own: 3€

Address: Ardixarra etxea, Calle Mayor 12
Phone: 943 80 17 49 / 943 80 10 06


Accommodation & where to eat

Basque bowls

Bowling is a long practiced game in Goierri, where you will find out their tradition and how fun it can be.

Mutiloa-Ormaiztegi greenway

Do you know what is a green way? Come with your family and enjoy a pleasant walk enlivened by a nice game to have fun with family!

Ordizia Hotel ★

Welcoming hotel located in a privileged site of Ordizia, a medieval village with 750 years of history




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