A couple of buildings from 17th century stand in the heart of the village, with one of the most important complexes of Guipúzcoa’s architectural and historical heritage: San Miguel’s parish church, the Duke of Infantado or Lazcano Palace, the Benedictine Monastery (with several incunabulum among the thousands of volumes they own), the convent of the Bernardas, City Hall… Hermitages of San Prudencio and San Juan Ante Portam Latinam date all the way from the 13th century, the latter in Lazkaomendi, a neighbourhood where you will find the most beautiful landscapes in the village.

Lazkaomendi rural neighbourhood it’s also the start point in many trekking routes, so you will get amazing views of Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz Natural parks and many other villages in Goierri. If you visit Goierri in January, don’t miss “Astotxo Eguna” the first Sunday after the celebration of Epiphany (Three Kings’ day). You will see the enactment of the biblical passage that narrates Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus’ flight to Egypt. This festivity started in the 17th century!


Accommodation & where to eat

Basque bowls

Bowling is a long practiced game in Goierri, where you will find out their tradition and how fun it can be.

Mutiloa-Ormaiztegi greenway

Do you know what is a green way? Come with your family and enjoy a pleasant walk enlivened by a nice game to have fun with family!

Ordizia Hotel ★

Welcoming hotel located in a privileged site of Ordizia, a medieval village with 750 years of history

Weekend in Goierri 3

Do you want something new, surprise your family or escape with friends to a rural house? Explore an unknown land: the Goierri.




Segura is a medieval town with the best conserved medieval quarter in Guipúzcoa. It’s close to the highway, so it’s very easy to reach by car... just a 37 minute...

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Zerain is just 39 minutes away from San Sebastián, right in the centre of the Basque Country. It has kept its essence, traditional culture and architecture intact. Come visit!

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Gabiria is located in one of the highest points in Goierri. In the Basque language, they call the village “the one that can be seen from anywhere” and it’s 37...

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Lazkao is located in a fantastic natural area, but also close to A1 highway. This village is known for its diversity and diversity of possible activities, due to its location...

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Idiazabal is located between Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz Sierras and it gives the famous and delicious cheese its name. It’s only 30 minutes away from San Sebastián!