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Arama-Altzagarate- Arama PR-Gi 1

This itinerary, the first to be approved in Gipuzkoa, begins on the A-1, but soon, ascending slowly and without great unevenness


Enirio path PR-Gi 2010

Igaratza and Enirio are very significant places in Aralar. Places closely linked to grazing, have always linked the Goierri valleys with the highest points of Aralar


Alotza path PR-Gi 2009

The route between Igaratza and Pikueta crosses one of the most special places in Aralar, the Alotza plateau


Osinberde Trail SL-Gi 2009

Fantastic trail that runs through a purely rural environment clinging to the course of Amundarainerreka river


Sara Trail SL-Gi 2007

This tour is closely linked to the figure of Jose Miguel Barandiaran, father of the basque culture


Sara Trail II SL-Gi 2006

Going up the bed of the Agauntza river, listening to the sound of the water and feeling the freshness of the river, we leave the urban nucleus of San Gregorio to enter a wonderful area of ​​farmhouses


Round to Alleko SL-Gi 2004

This environment very close to the Parketxe of Lizarrusti and unknown to many, has something very special


Green Way Mutiloa-Ormaiztegi

Green Way is another good hike for families. It has a didactic game of a route that combines orienteering, hiking and a lot of fun.


Aizkorbe Iron way PR-Gi 3008

The iron attracted English and Germans to Zerain, to the Mountain of Iron. The bowels of this mountain were exploited until the middle of the 20th century. This activity has left several remains, anecdotes, and a lot of history.


Lizarrusti-Lareo SL-Gi 2005

The “Parketxe Lizarrusti” is the Aralar Nature Park Interpretation Centre. In this centre, you can receive information about resources of the Natural Park. In addition to the information point, they have a hut, restaurant and bar. Located 620 meters above sea level, this is the largest beech forest in Gipuzkoa.


Hiking: Do you know GR-283?

This is a circular route where you can enjoy two of the biggest pleasures in Goierri: Idiazabal cheese and the mountains! It is an initiative promoted by the Department of Innovation, Rural Development and Tourism of Gipuzkoa Provincial Government and approved by the Gipuzkoa Mountain Federation.


Hiking: Olaberria – Idiazabal

The hike takes place between the villages of Olaberria and Idiazabal, and their caseríos. Olaberria, known as Goierri’s Balcony, is a small village in the hillocks.


Climbing Aizkorri

Meet the most popular peak in the Basque Country: the Aizkorri. To get to the summit, we recommend leaving your car in the parking area located under San Adrián’s tunnel. You will get to see the tunnel, walk on the medieval road and get to the top through the Camino de los Alaveses.