Cider House


Tximista cider house offers a nice menu in the centre of Ordizia. They have been making their own natural cider for 30 years now, using only local apple. Taste it! You can also sign for a tour and see the machinery used during the process.

Apart from the cider menu, they make great ribs, special dishes, vegan dishes, chlidren meals and gluten-free dishes on request.

The place is heated, WiFi access for every customer and outdoor area. They’re very close -200m.- to the train station and Ordizia market.

Cider menu: 32€
Steak menu: 27€
Ribs menu: 22€
Children meal: 10€
Opening time: Monday-Friday 12:30-16:00h. | Weekends 13:00 – 16:00h. | Thursday-Saturday 20:00-1:30h.
Address: Gudarien Etorbidea 2, Ordizia
Location: Ordizia
Capacity: 140 pax
GPS: 43.053406,-2.175795
Phone: 943 88 11 28

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