Iztueta Azpikoa has a keen experience of several generations operating with dairy cows. Tradition, sustainability and the best feeding are their basic principles to obtain high quality milk.
In their caserío, they have 40 Frisian cows who are treated as the queens of the place, staying free, grazing in the pasture. As professionals of dairy, they also make artisan ice-cream, yoghurts… come visit and get to know them!

Activity: beef cattle
Address: Caserío Iztueta Azpikoa, 20210 Lazkao.
GPS: 43.036501, -2.178446
Phone: 606435022

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Caserio Iztueta

You will be amazed by the artisan yoghurts and ice-creams that this family makes. Sustainable work and experience get together in this caserío in Lazkao.

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