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Touristic guide in Zerain. Get to know the town, the cheese and the artisan cider!

Languages: Euskera, Spanish, English and French.
Address: Herriko plaza, Zerain
GPS: 43.012437, -2.273216
Phone: 943 800 185

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Goierri´s mining park

The mining past of the region can be felt in the Goierri´s Mining Park, where we will be able to move to times when mineral extraction was the way of...

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Zerain is just 39 minutes away from San Sebastián, right in the centre of the Basque Country. It has kept its essence, traditional culture and architecture intact. Come visit!

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Caserio Lumagorri

Pollo de Caserío Lumagorri S.L. is a producer society located in Zerain, made up of 40 farmers from the Basque Country. Buy their chicken, you'll love it!

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Tellerine Farmhouse

Tellerine is an authentic rural house placed in Zerain, one of the most charming villages in the Basque Country.

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Ostatu Zerain Restaurant

Ostatu -restaurant- opened in 1711, in the city hall building. Have a bite, meet the family and take a look at the old prison that still remains there!

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Oiharte Farmhouse

A refurbished caserío from the 18th century, peace and quiet, with their own artisan cider produced with local apple. What else?

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Oiharte Cider House

If you are into natural cider and good meat, this is the place to be. Enjoy their locally produced cider and raise your glass to them!

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