Do you know what is a green way? They are disused train tracks that have been converted into cycle itineraries and hikers for the enjoyment of people.
In Goierri we have the Mutiloa-Ormaiztegi greenway.

The Green Road is another good hike for families. It has a didactic game of a route that combines orienteering, hiking and a lot of fun.
This route is a circular trail, also suitable for the Nordic walking technique. 

To complete the game, you need to answer questions about the 10 marks in the circuit correctly. The questions are about nature, the environment, and mining.

Come with your family and enjoy a pleasant walk enlivened by a nice game to have fun with family!

Tou and your kids will get the map and a pencil from the tourist office in Ormaiztegi, which is inside the Zumalacárregui Museum. If you preffer, you can download it from our website.

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