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Category: Gastronomy


Other local products: morcilla and mondeju

Though you are in the land of Idiazabal cheese, get ready to find some other delicious local products that you can only eat here in Goierri! Try Beasain’s morcillas, very tasty sausages with a hint of leek and spices. Try mondeju, a delicious sausage obtained from local sheep. Our local baking is also delightful: Segura cake and walnut pastries are a local specialty!


Natural cider

When you hear someone shouting txotx! don’t think twice: get up and follow the queue to get yourself some natural cider directly served from the barrell -kupela-.


Ordizia Market

Ordizia’s Market is the reference when it comes to agriculture in Euskadi. Every Wednesday, producers and buyers meet around thousands of organic, local products from caseríos of the region.


Idiazabal: awarded cheese

“As old as Euskal Herria, as ancient as its essence, as generous as its men”. Know everything about Idiazabal cheese, taste it and learn how to recognise it!