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Segura and Ordizia: medieval villages

Explore Segura, a medieval village built under the mandate of Alfonso X of Castile to protect the San Adrián’s Royal Path. Admire their palaces and other buildings. Ordizia has been holding a local product market every Wednesday for the past 500 years, given in 1512 by the Queen Juana of Castile as a sign of helping the town after a terrible fire.


Ostatu Zegama Restaurant

Make sure to enjoy the taste of traditional Basque cuisine when you visit Mutiloa… you will be surprised!

What is Goierri

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We share with you a selection of brochures and other resources that will serve as a useful aid when planning your visit and organizing your trip.


Ibur riding club

True horse lover? IBUR Caserío IBUR is a horse-riding club with professional instructors offering a wide range of activities for adults and kids!


Hiking: Do you know GR-283?

This is a circular route where you can enjoy two of the biggest pleasures in Goierri: Idiazabal cheese and the mountains! It is an initiative promoted by the Department of Innovation, Rural Development and Tourism of Gipuzkoa Provincial Government and approved by the Gipuzkoa Mountain Federation.


Other local products: morcilla and mondeju

Though you are in the land of Idiazabal cheese, get ready to find some other delicious local products that you can only eat here in Goierri! Try Beasain’s morcillas, very tasty sausages with a hint of leek and spices. Try mondeju, a delicious sausage obtained from local sheep. Our local baking is also delightful: Segura cake and walnut pastries are a local specialty!


Natural cider

When you hear someone shouting txotx! don’t think twice: get up and follow the queue to get yourself some natural cider directly served from the barrell -kupela-.


Ordizia Market

Ordizia’s Market is the reference when it comes to agriculture in Euskadi. Every Wednesday, producers and buyers meet around thousands of organic, local products from caseríos of the region.


Idiazabal: awarded cheese

“As old as Euskal Herria, as ancient as its essence, as generous as its men”. Know everything about Idiazabal cheese, taste it and learn how to recognise it!


Petit Goierri Guesthouse ★★

Very charming stately home refurbished in 2018, located in Ormaiztegi next to the City Hall, the church and Zumalacárregui Museum.


Mutiloa Guesthouse ★

Looking for a place of calm and views? Come see us and spend the night in one of the 4 ensuite rooms at Mutiloa Guesthouse.


Itxune Guesthouse ★★

This accommodation is located in the peaceful and quiet village of Ormaiztegi, with a restaurant and a parking lot.


Tellerine Farmhouse

Tellerine is an authentic rural house placed in Zerain, one of the most charming villages in the Basque Country.


Ondarre Farmhouse

Fan of hiking, fishing… or interested in doing Camino de Santiago? Check this 16th c. house out, made of stone, brick and wood, next to Oria river.


Olagi Farmhouse

In this agrotourism, they have their own cider bar. Taste natural cider made out of local apple and taste a bit of Goierri!


Oiharte Farmhouse

A refurbished caserío from the 18th century, peace and quiet, with their own artisan cider produced with local apple. What else?


Lizargarate Farmhouse

Start from here and get to know the Basque Country! Enjoy the nature in our surroundings, the pure air and the food from our own farm.


Lazkao Etxe Farmhouse

Refurbished caserío in the very park of Aralar, near clean rivers, very nice if you want to go fishing!


Irizar Azpikoa Farmhouse

This caserío is placed in an exclusively rural area, with 5 rooms and amazing views of Txindoki mountain, surrounded by other caseríos as well.


Borda Farmhouse

A caserío surrounded by nature in the town of Olaberria. 1 km away from Lazkao and 5 minutes from N1 road.